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Below you will find a brief description of each of the programs we offer. Click on the program you are interested in for more detailed information on that program.

Days To Go

Never forget another date!

Have you planned a big holiday, and want to count the days remaining until you can escape from work? Wondering how many days it has been since you were married, or your age in days? Then this program is for you.

Days To Go is a simple reminder program that can be used for a variety of purposes. As the name suggests, it can be used to count how many days it is until a specific date. In addition, Days To Go can be used count how many days it has been since a specific date. Recurring dates can be entered (for example, Christmas or a birthday), and entries can be automatically deleted once the date has passed (for once off occasions).

This information can be shown on the screen when the computer is restarted, or in a window.

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Eject disks of all types with a single keypress.

EjectDisk allows you to eject any floppy, CD-ROM, DVD or Zip/SyQuest/Jaz disk currently in the computer by pressing a single key. It allows you to open and close the CD/DVD tray from the keyboard, making it easier to insert/remove CD/DVDs, and it can eject any CD/DVDs still in the computer when the computer is shut down.

EjectDisk is different from using Command-Y in the Finder in two ways. First, to use Command-Y you have to select the disk before you can eject it, which you don't have to do if you are using EjectDisk to eject the disk. Secondly, if you are using EjectDisk you don't have to be in the Finder to eject the disk.

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A puzzle game of skill, strategy, and (sometimes) pure luck.

The idea of Flip! is simple. You have a grid of double-sided tiles. One side of each tile is light in colour, the other side is dark. The tiles start out randomly turned to one side or the other. The object of the game is to get a particular pattern of dark and light coloured tiles on the grid. It may sound easy, but after trying it you will change your mind! With 30 patterns to challenge, frustrate and annoy, Flip! should provide many hours of entertainment.

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A challenging 2D pipe building puzzle game

Pipemare is a 2D pipe building puzzle game, where you race against the clock to form a path for the water to flow. Sounds easy enough...until the puzzles become so mind boggling that they'll invade your dreams!

Pipemare has 36 levels that will keep you busy for many many hours!

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Volume FKEY

Change the volume on your computer without opening the Sound control panel.

Volume FKEY provides a quick and easy way to change the volume on your Mac without having to go to the Sound control panel. Written primarily for older computers (running System 7.5.5 or earlier) -- new computers don't need it as they allow you to change the volume from the Control Strip.

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The following eBooks are published by, but offered here for your convenience. Some of them are free, while others are a free trial version which you can download from here and try before deciding to buy the full book.

Affiliate Masters Course

Learn how anyone, even YOU, can sell over the Internet

The Affiliate Masters course is the best way to learn all about affiliate programs (where you sell another companies product for a percentage of the sale price). This book gives you all the information you need to research the market, choose what products to sell, and create a web site which people can find easily. All in extremely easy to follow steps which anyone, no matter what their level of knowledge, can follow.

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Make Your Content PREsell

Build a web site which attracts visitors

MYCPS! outlines a comprehensive 10-day process for building a theme-based content site. Content which attracts visitors to your site, and who are interested in buying what you have to offer. It is the perfect companion to The Affiliate Masters Course.

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Make Your Price Sell!

Price your product for maximal profits

How do you know if you have chosen the perfect price for your product or service? Often you don't -- unless you spend thousands of dollars hiring an outside consultant. This book will show you how you can find the perfect price for your product, no matter what it is.

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